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Child Care Provider Technical Assistance
Clinton and Franklin County’s child care community includes approximately 152 family child care homes, 33 child care centers and 17 school-age child care programs. The balance of early care and learning programs are a combination of nursery schools, preschools and Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) programs that are not under the regulatory authority of the NYS OCFS. For more detailed information view our Supply and Demand Chart . The Child Care Council is your resource for developing and maintaining your child care program. See our Professional Development Calendar for upcoming training opportunities. Technical Assistance & Training are available on site to Registered or Licensed Child Care Providers. Continuing education is a sure way to help maintain the high quality program you wish to have. On site consultation and technical assistance with the caregiver or program is offered on a one on one basis. An environmental ratings scale could be used to develop a quality improvement plan to help the caregiver and/or program to resolve concerns or improve quality.

Some examples of potential technical assistance may include:
  •  Toileting concerns
  •  Biting behaviors
  •  Program planning for all ages
  •  Outdoor play
  •  Creative messy play
  •  Working with children with special needs
  •  Child care regulations
  •  And many more!

Call us if you have questions. We are waiting to serve you!

Ann Fraser - (518)561-4999 or cccouncil@primelink1.net

Debbie Collette Cromp - (518)481-7281 or teachingimprovesperformance@gmail.com


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