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Parents Anonymous®
Parenting Support Group

“Where asking for help is a sign of strength®”

Parents Anonymous® (PA) is an evidence-based family strengthening program utilizing mutual support (the giving and getting of help), parent leadership (seeking solutions and becoming empowered), and shared leadership® (working together) to achieve personal growth, improve family functioning and achieve parental resilience. PA consists of weekly support group for parents and caregivers. There is a children’s program for children and youth (0-18). Both a trained facilitator and a Parent Group Leader are in every PA group, fostering emotional support amongst all participants.
Aspects of Parents Anonymous®:

  •  Parents and Caregivers of all backgrounds are welcome!
  •  Parents are encouraged to address any family concern
  •  Safe, caring and confidential environment
  •  Trained children and youth program workers foster a supportive environment.
  •   All groups are free
  •  Support groups meet weekly
  •  Parents and children are empowered to create a positive change in their families
  •  Dinner is served at evening meetings

Where parents can freely share their questions, concerns, problems and solutions about parenting in a safe and supportive environment

“Parents Anonymous has given myself and kids a safe and fun place to express ourselves.” - Parent Participant

“It’s good to know you’re not alone in everyday parenting struggles.” - Parent Participant
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