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Kinship Caregivers play an extraordinary role and vital role in children’s lives!!
As a Kinship Caregiver, you deserve to…

•  Know you’re not alone.
•  Receive support assistance.
•  Gain knowledge about community resources.

Kinship Caregiver Program

The Kinship Caregiver Program is a completely voluntary program which includes many services.
Enrolling in the program is easy: Simply call and schedule an intake appointment, which   generally takes no longer than an hour.
Once you are enrolled in the program, you can choose which services are right for you.
Many kinship caregivers have found that participating in our program has been beneficial to them and has helped them to cope with the emotional and financial stress of starting over again with raising children.
We encourage you to try as many of the services as possible to see which you may benefit from most.
Referral Services:
Assistance to locate appropriate community resources for your family.

Support as you navigate through Family Court, Department of Social Services, school districts, & other services.

Respite Care:
Provides children enriching activities and supervision so that caregivers may enjoy a block of time to be child-free.

Support Groups:
Social connections in a confidential and positive environment with others who understand.

Educational Workshops:
Information focusing on   relevant parenting issues for Kinship Caregivers.

Home Visits:
To facilitate the intake  process and help kinship caregivers who are more homebound.

Needs-Based Assistance:
Explores individual family needs and provides assistance on a case by case basis.
Services Include:
The Mission and Goals of the Kinship Caregiver Program are as follows:

~ Ensuring the safety of and contributing to the positive development of each family served
~ Supporting Kinship families to provide nurturing family environments and access to resources/services

Who is Eligible?

~Families residing in Clinton County raising a relative or friend’s child(ren).
~Please contact our staff to schedule an intake appointment, request more information, or just to talk!
Child Care Coordinating Council of the North Country and Family Connections
194 US Oval PO Box 2640
Plattsburgh, NY  12901

Phone: (518) 561-4999
Fax: (518) 561-6956
E-mail: juliettelynch12901@gmail.com
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Kinship Caregiver Program
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